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The general conditions of use present "CGU" detail all provisions applicable to physical and virtual products offered on our shop "The Site".

(Under CLAUSE 6 of Law No. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004)

The site is published by the company BIG CENTER, registered office: 1 Impasse Joseph Cugnot 77100 Meaux, and registered with RCS MEAUX 85041755100015. Contact email:

The director of publication of the site is: Mr. Gabriel E.

The site is hosted by: OVH, at: 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix. Telephone: 1007


The purpose of the site is: To provide customers with products

The Terms are available online on the Site. The customer declares to have read and accepted them, the purchase of product (s) proposed by the company BIG CENTER carrying the acceptance and the express and unreserved acceptance of the customer to these Terms and also, where applicable, existing contractual documents supplementing or amending the said "Terms".


For any question or request for information concerning the site, the user can contact the editor by e-mail or send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the company BIG CENTER -1 Impasse Joseph Cugnot - 77100 Meaux


Access and use of the site are subject to acceptance and compliance with these Terms of Use. The publisher reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, the site and the services as well as the present T & Cs, in particular to adapt to the evolutions of the site by the provision of new functionalities or the deletion or the modification of existing features. It is therefore advised to the user to refer before any navigation to the latest version of the Terms, accessible at any time on the site. In case of disagreement with the TOS, no use of the site can be made by the user.


The publisher implements the technical solutions at his disposal to allow access to the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The connection and navigation on the BIG CENTER website are the unreserved acceptance of these Terms of Use. , whatever the technical means of access and the terminals used. These Terms apply, as necessary, any declination or extension of the site on social networks and / or existing or future communities.


For the good management of the site, the publisher can at any time:

I- Suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the site, reserve access to the site, or parts of the site, to a specific category of user.

II- Eliminate any information that could disrupt its operation or that contravenes national or international laws, or the rules of netiquette.

III- Suspend the site in order to proceed to updates.



Access to certain services, and in particular to all paid services, is subject to the registration of the user. The registration and access to the services of the site are reserved exclusively for qualified individuals who have completed and validated the registration form available online on the site, as well as these Terms of Use. When registering, the user agrees to provide accurate, truthful and up-to-date information about his person and his marital status. The user will also have to regularly check the data concerning him in order to maintain the accuracy. The user must provide a valid email address, on which the site will send a confirmation of his registration to his services. An e-mail address can not be used multiple times to register for services. Any communication made by the site and its partners is therefore deemed to have been received and read by the user. The latter therefore undertakes to regularly consult the messages received on this e-mail address and to respond within a reasonable time if necessary. Only one registration for the services of the site is admitted by natural person. The user is assigned an identifier allowing him to access a space whose access is reserved for him (hereinafter "Personal Area"), in addition to entering his password. The username and password can be modified online by the user in his Personal Area. The password is personal and confidential, the user agrees not to communicate it to third parties.


The registered user may at any time request unsubscription by email: Any unsubscription of the site will be effective after the request made by the user as soon as possible.


The user is informed that the publisher reserves the right to delete the personal space of any User who contravenes these terms of use and sale, and more particularly in the following cases:

- If the user makes an illegal use of the site

- If the user, during the creation of his personal space, voluntarily transmits incorrect information to the site

In the event that the publisher decides to delete the personal space of the user for one of these reasons, it can not constitute a damage for the user whose account has been deleted.


The publisher is only responsible for the content he has edited himself. The publisher is not responsible:

- In case of problems or technical failures, computer or site compatibility with hardware

   or any software;

- Direct or indirect, material or immaterial, foreseeable or unforeseeable damage resulting from

   the use or difficulties of use of the site or its services;

- Intrinsic characteristics of the Internet, particularly those relating to unreliability and lack of

   securing the information circulating there;

Furthermore, the site can not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the information that is disseminated. The user is responsible for:

- the protection of his equipment and data;

- the use he makes of the site or its services;

- If he does not respect the letter or the spirit of these Terms.



In accordance with the provisions of CLAUSE 5 of the European Regulation 2016/679, the collection and processing of site users' data follows the following principles:

II Legality, loyalty and transparency:

Data can only be collected and processed with the consent of the user who owns the data. Whenever personal data are collected, the user will be informed that his / her data are being collected, and for what reasons his / her data is collected;

II Limited purposes:

The collection and processing of the data is performed to meet one or more objectives determined in the present general conditions of use;

III Minimizing the collection and processing of data:

Only the data necessary for the proper execution of the objectives pursued by the site are collected;

IV Retention and Deletion of Data Reduced in Time:

Its data are kept for a limited time, of which the user is informed. In accordance with the law RGPD, the manager would be obliged to delete your personal data and / or your account after three (3) years of inactivity or by request of the user written in this case the removal of all your personal data will be under one (1) month maximum except the (s) order (s), the invoice (s) and the voucher (s) which will not be deleted under any circumstances. Every thirteen (13) months your consent to processed cookies and your personal data will be requested (s).

V Integrity and confidentiality of data collected and processed:

The data controller is committed to ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the data collected.

In order to be lawful, and in accordance with the requirements of CLAUSE 6 of the European regulation 2016/679, the collection and processing of personal data can only take place if they comply with at least one of the following conditions: listed:

I The user has expressly consented to the treatment;

II The treatment is necessary for the proper performance of a contract;

III Treatment meets a legal obligation;

IV The processing and collection of personal data is necessary for legitimate and private interests pursued by the controller or by a third party.

The personal data collected on the site are as follows:

Last name First Name



phone number

This data is collected when the user creates an account and when buying a product on the site, the buyer becomes aware that the seller will keep in his computer systems a proof of the transaction including the purchase order and the bill. The collection and the processing of the data answer to the following purpose: for the sending of his order. The data may be transmitted to the third party (s): suppliers and carrier.


As mentioned above, the site is hosted by: OVH, address: 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix. Telephone: 1007. The data collected and processed by the site are exclusively hosted and processed in France.


The data controller is: M Gabriel E.

Contact by email


The following person has been appointed Data Protection Officer: Mr. Gabriel E.

The delegate can be reached by email

CLAUSE 10: Definitions

Client: natural or legal person with full legal capacity when purchasing the Product (s) offered by the site and these Products under the responsibility of the customer.

Contract: these Terms and all the contractual documents completing and / or amending them (special conditions of sale, order form,).

Services: not including services such as installation and / or mounting of product (s) sold on the Site.

Physical product: any type of material good that can be offered to the Customer by the Company in the context of its activity. For the sending of (s) product (s) delivery costs can be added on the latter.

Virtual product: The site can offer any type of virtual product for download or / and sent by a carrier. For the sending of the latter delivery charges may be added.

Customer Services: For any information and / or question the customer can contact us by mail:

CLAUSE 11: Object

The Terms are intended to define the conditions and terms of the Products offered by the Site to Customers and gives him the opportunity to pay for these purchases by various means of payment.

CLAUSE 12: Online sales is an online store, Physical Products and Virtual Products developed by Third Companies. The Site assumes no responsibility for downloading computer viruses or similar code from the Virtual Products ordered on the Site.

The Site disclaims all liability in case of loss or theft of user data, or any type of damage and malfunction, when using the Virtual Products ordered on the Site.

The Site can be viewed from any country without the content being available for the countries in question. The Site is under no obligation to include this information and does not guarantee that the Virtual and Physical Products are suitable for countries other than those for which they were designed.

The purchase of virtual products made on the site of Le Site gives right to an immediate and unlimited download for a period of 30 days from the date of the order.

CLAUSE 13: Order

The Customer declares to have read and accepted these Terms before placing an order. Validation of the order is therefore acceptance of these Terms. Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded by the site constitutes proof of all transactions with the Customer.

The Customer must verify the completeness and conformity of the information provided to the Site during the order, including the billing address. The Site can not be held responsible for any errors of seizure and the resulting consequences.

CLAUSE 14: Payment

The Customer can pay by credit card, PayPal and / or bank transfer.

The Site reserves the right to block a transaction while checking for fraud.

CLAUSE 15: Limited Warranty

The products buy on site usually are 2 year manufacturer's warranty but any damage caused by external physical interventions or by other incident for subsequent use are excluded from this warranty. We remind you that return costs are borne by the customer in all cases for the return of (s) product (s).

CLAUSE 16: Support

The purchase of virtual products on the site gives right to support the use of the latter by mail only and for a period of 5 days from the date of his order.

Unless otherwise stated, the installation is not included with the support provided with the purchase of the Virtual Products and assembly for the physical products.

CLAUSE 17: Delivery time

The delivery time is 2 to 5 working days depending on the destination and a delivery date will be communicated to the Customer after the validation of his order by our logistics department with a tracking number for the chosen carrier. The delivery times applicable are those indicated during the validation of his order but 24h / 48h are necessary for the preparation of the order.

CLAUSE 18: Retraction

In accordance with the provisions in force of consumer law, Customer has a right of withdrawal that he can exercise within fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase (s) of product (s) ).

However, the Customer will not benefit from this right of withdrawal for purchases of hygiene, health and virtual products when they have been unsealed by the Customer, as well as the Physical Products. They can not give rise to exchange, refund or the exercise of a right of retraction. However, the Company undertakes to reimburse or exchange the virtual Products damaged, including hidden defects or not corresponding to the description on the Site.

The Customer who has exercised his right of withdrawal for a Physical Product must return it, in its original packaging and in good condition within five (5) days, to the address that will be indicated by the Company.

CLAUSE 19: Refund

No refund will be made on paid virtual products downloaded.

The reimbursement of physical products is done on a case by case basis. If the product is eligible for a refund, it will be made within 15 days after any necessary checks.

Customer will not benefit from this right for purchases of Hygiene and Health Products.

CLAUSE 20: Dispute Resolution

These Terms are subject to French law The Parties shall endeavor to resolve any dispute relating to the services of the Company covered by the TOU by mutual agreement. In the event of persistent disagreement, the dispute will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Meaux (France).



The site may use "cookie" techniques to process statistics and traffic information, facilitate navigation and improve service for the convenience of the user. For the use of "cookie" files involving the backup and analysis of personal data, the consent of the user is necessarily requested. This consent of the user is considered valid for a maximum duration of 13 (thirteen) months. At the end of this period, the site will request again the user's permission to save "cookies" files on his hard drive. To know more


It is brought to the attention of the user that he can oppose the registration of these "cookies" by configuring his browser software. In the case where the user decides to disable the "cookies" files, he can continue his navigation on the site. However, any dysfunction of the site caused by this manipulation could not be considered as being due to the editor of the site.

We wish you an excellent navigation!

Update 05/07/2019.

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